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Our best in class logistics capabilities offer your product every chance of success in the market place. We have a range of services available to our suppliers that make ranging your product and doing business with CH2 an easy process.


CH2 Gateway® is CH2’s unique online portal available to suppliers and customers, providing them with real time access to extensive supply chain data relevant to their products, customers and markets. Reports can be customised to individual user requirements, with a range of formats and service levels available. With the ultimate aim of delivering an optimal service to the mutual end customer, CH2 Gateway® is yet another innovative solution to add value to CH2’s supplier partnerships.

Key benefits



CH2 offer a range of third- and fourth-party logistics solutions enabling our Supplier partners to outsource Supply Chain management services..
By tailoring a Supply Chain strategy and solution, CH2 is able to work with you to optimise your product and service offering using the support of our National team and world-class distribution network.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

A 3PL solution will see CH2 manage your logistics by providing the warehousing, pick, pack and distribution services to deliver your products from the point of storage to the point of delivery.
All other services within the value chain – sales, marketing, customer pricing, customer servicing, invoicing and debt collection - remain functions of your business.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

For a more complete solution to your logistics requirements, CH2 also provides a Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) service. You can be secure in the knowledge that CH2 will manage your entire Supply Chain nationally.
With 4PL, CH2 will direct inventory management and control you inbound logistics, warehousing and distribution, customer service, invoicing, debt collection and reverse logistics.
Outsourcing this critical part of the value chain by utilising our expert logistics services leaves you more time and resources to focus on Sales, Marketing and Pricing



At CH2 the quality of our data is critical. We are committed to implementing the GS1 system throughout the business and within our partner network.

The preferred use of EANCOM or GS1 XML as a message set, GTINs for product identification, GLNs for location information and SSCC logistics labels are paramount to the future of our industry.  CH2 are passionate supporters in the belief that an adherence to excellence in quality systems will lead to improved patient outcomes.



CH2 utilises GAIN’s, a sophisticated stock management and procurement system. GAIN’s has a proven capability of forecasting algorithms that cater for the vast range of demand patterns that occur within the diverse healthcare markets. From fast movers to cyclical/trending to the slow movers in the ‘tail’, GAIN’s dynamic, adaptable and rigorous demand planning process automatically selects the best forecast model to ensure that CH2 can meet the demand of our customers.