About Clifford Hallam Healthcare

For over 80 years, CH2 has been dedicated to our fundamental purpose - Enabling Australian Healthcare.

The name CH2 comes from our strong Australian heritage and the collaboration of two uniquely Australian companies – the Victorian Hospitals Association (later Hospital Supplier of Australia or HSA), and Clifford Hallam Pharmaceuticals.

Clifford Hallam Pharmaceuticals was formed in 1978 by Chevel Coonan and Clifford Rex Skiller.  Clifford's business associate owned the Hallam Chemist in York St Sydney.

With a joint vision of providing excellence in the Australian healthcare supply industry, tapping into expert local knowledge, HSA and Clifford Hallam Healthcare merged in 2006 to become the CH2  we know today.

Today CH2 is Australia’s only fully integrated pharmaceutical and medical consumable distributor - servicing the entire healthcare market made up of 4 business units:

Our future vision
Our vision is to be the preferred healthcare distribution network for all Australian suppliers of healthcare, pharmacy and veterinary products. We will achieve this through a combination of:

  • Best in class logistics
  • Customer service and problem solving
  • Extensive product range
  • Competitive pricing
  • Knowledge-based solutions

At Clifford Hallam Healthcare we believe in the power of working as one team to deliver the best possible service to our customers and suppliers.

This is engrained in CH2's 5 core attributes

  • Accountability - Our team take personal responsibility 
  • Discipline - Our team do it right the first time
  • Empowerment - CH2 enable all their staff to achieve 
  • Initiating- Driving continuous improvement 
  • Communication- CH2 pride ourselves on open and honest communication 

Our one team culture and attributes resonate on a daily basis with every process at CH2.