Your Dedicated Primary Care Supplier

CH2 Primary Care is Australia’s leading provider of medical consumable, pharmaceutical and equipment products to Primary Care providers across Australia.

We offer a range of customer focused solutions, with dedicated customer service teams and specialist knowledge, along with advanced online services and customised reporting to ensure service accuracy and efficiency.

So whether you’re a Medical Centre, Day Surgery, Dental Surgery, Radiology Clinic or any other provider of Primary Care, CH2 can provide a solution tailored to your unique requirements.

Explore our Services and Solutions page  to learn more about the tailored solutions, services and information we offer our Primary Care customers.

Our private-label line of frequent-use products,  baremedicalTM , gives our customers even more choices and opportunities to save.

If you have any questions, contact CH2 Primary Care National Customer Service on toll free 1300 242 362 or your local Representative.