Ordering Systems

Clifford Hallam Healthcare has a range of superior ordering systems that have been tailored to our customers. Our most popular ordering systems are CH2 direct and SOS.

CH2 Direct® is an online product ordering system which provides customers with a simple and intuitive interface.CH2 Direct® allows customers to place direct orders with CH2 via their internet browser, and given it is a web-based solution it does not require installation or software. This means it can be accessed from any computer in your business via personal login.


Easy to learn and use, CH2 Direct® provides customers the ability to browse the complete product catalogue without having to login. It is accessible on most versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.CH2 continually improves and updates this program to meet the needs of its customers, and ongoing training can be provided. CH2 direct offers several benefits such as:

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The Simple Order System (SOS) has revolutionised the supply process, giving healthcare providers direct online access to CH2's inventory of over 38,000.

The SOS software is free of charge, easy to use and lets you control the entire ordering process.  Some of the many benefits to using SOS include:

  • Faster and more flexible ordering
  • Checking the price and availability of CH2’s entire product range before placing an order electronically
  • Searching for all products of a similar description to find the best price or a suitable alternative.
  • Customise your account to view purchase history and current orders.
  • On-site installation, training and ongoing support are supplied free of charge.


Setup SOS

If you would like to be set up with SOS please contact your Business Development Manager on 1300 720 274.


Download the latest SOS software