Qantas Business Rewards


Something new has landed at CH2!

Here at Clifford Hallam Healthcare we embrace loyalty and are always seeking new ways to offer our customers the best value possible. Therefore, we have partnered with Qantas Business Rewards to reward our loyal eligible^ Veterinary Clinics for their purchases! 
For those eligible, each dollar spent excluding gst will earn your business 1 Qantas Point on every purchase of eligible veterinary products*.

With CH2 joining over 50 partners, as a member of Qantas Business Rewards your business can earn points across a range of expenses. Including fuel, financial services, stationery, car hire and more!

What are the Benefits of Qantas Business Rewards?

  • Earn on your purchases through CH2 - Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible veterinary products*
  • Earn on the move - Earn points for your business (in addition to the points you or your team would normally earn as an individual) on flights, hotels and car hire**
  • Earn when you spend - Earn points on over 50 different everyday business expenses like fuel, credit card spend and technology when you spend with our program partners*
  • Save on flights - Save up to 8% on the base fare of eligible flights with no minimum spend#
  • Save on Qantas Club - Save 20% on Qantas Club memberships for you and your employees##
  • Choose your rewards - Use the points in your Qantas Business Rewards account to save on business costs or reward yourself and/or your team with flights, upgrades, accomodation, wine or something special from the Qantas Shopping Rewards Store

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Watch the short video to learn moer about Qantas Business Rewards

Not a Qantas Business Rewards member?

Join with CH2 ( and save $89.50*)


Earning Qantas Points with CH2 Vet is easy

If your business is an existing Qantas Business Rewards member, simply check your eligibility and complete the Program registration form.
If your business is not an existing Qantas Business Rewards member, sign up to Qantas Business Rewards and confirm your eligibility on CH2 Vet.
If your business has signed up to CH2 Rewards and a Qantas Business Rewards member simply log in to your account, purchase eligible products and get ready to enjoy the benefits of Qantas Business Rewards

Sign Up

to Qantas Business Rewards FREE or if you are already a member then just confirm your ABN with Clifford Hallam Healthcare

Purchase Eligible Products

Simply log into your account, purchase eligible products and earn Qantas Points*

Earn Points and Enjoy

Qantas Points will be credited to your Qantas Business Rewards account within 60 days of purchase


Apply for CH2's Rewards Program.

Enter your ABN in the field below to check if you could be eligible to apply for the CH2 Points program.