Vendor Managed Inventory

What is WardBox®?

WardBox® is CH2’s just-in-time ‘direct to ward’ distribution model. Recognising the need for an efficient and reliable direct to ward supply solution, WardBox® is well established in many large public and private hospital facilities and pharmacy.

The WardBox® service incorporates barcode scanning technology, direct delivery to individual wards or departments, monthly invoicing and comprehensive reporting.

CH2 acts as the off premise storage facility that supplies products on  a daily or weekly basis, or as required. The ordering schedule is designed to assist each healthcare facility with their movement of essential supplies and removes the need to carry a large quantity of products.

Orders are picked, packed and invoiced for the specific ward area and delivered to the hospital for direct unpacking in the ward.

Wardbox® operates under three general service models which can be adapted depending on individual customer requirements.

Our project management team have extensive experience in tailoring bespoke solutions that deliver cost and production efficiencies.


• Staff processes requests directly through hospital’s ERP system or uses scanning solution 

• CH2 picks, packs, labels and delivers to designated receiving area in hospital 

• Goods packed and labelled specifically for individual ward requirements 

• Hospital staff put away (no CH2 team on site)


• Purchase orders generated through hospital’s own ERP system, which interfaces with CH2 

• Allows all EDI messages, including Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN), with Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) labels to enable single scan and put away

• Packing and delivery as per standard model

Premium Plus

• CH2 staff manages total ‘end to end’ inventory management solution –
including order placement, pick/packing, distribution and unpacking at ward level and reporting 

• Dedicated CH2 team on hospital site 

• Can be integrated into customer’s inventory management system or stand-alone CH2 system

Wardbox Setup
Scan Product Barcodes
Upload Order to CH2
Orders Received
Delivery to Site
Orders Put Away